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What we did: Web App Development, Back-end Development, Amazon Web Services Consulting, Javascript Development, DevOps, Management, Support, Training, Documentation

Twyla asked Ponticlaro to audit their exterprise JavaScript web app based on microservices, the Node.js ecosystem, and Amazon Web Services. Ponticlaro fixed their checkout and admin interface, which was suffering from poor code quality, and documented all 12 microservices previously developed by Google veterans, solving the instability throughout the system, helping Austin’s own Casa Marco realize a return on its acquisiton of Twyla.

Ponticlaro re-architected the acquired startup’s codebase and built out additional cloud server resiliency, so Twyla could continue to function for the artists and acquirer. We cut dependencies, removed extraneous subscription-based services, and provided a solution built around researched traffic and log data.