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Web Development Services

Ponticlaro is an award-winning web development services company building beautiful websites for diverse clients internationally. We provide clients with a unique mix of website development services, content strategy, comprehensive testing, and a data-driven iterative web development process which verifiably solves your unique and evolving organizational challenges.

Ways Ponticlaro can improve your existing website investments:

  • Visual design and look and feel improvements
  • Functional Improvements for touch devices and mobile visitors
  • Content creation improvements
  • Video, graphics, illustration additions and functionality
  • Data-driven content strategy and search engine marketing strategy

Often a simple remodel can produce business growth and new marketing opportunities that you may not have thought of. Unlike a lot of other marketing, web marketing is essential, and often starts from the search engine. Have you reviewed your strategy, both from a technical point of view and a visual point of view? We use proprietary auditing tools, providing you with actionable data for technical, design, and strategic web development services.

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View a recent web development services project for Tulane University

Our Web Development Process

Ponticlaro's web development services company and website development services process: Research, Strategy, Design, Development

The project would start with an initial kickoff meeting to discuss goals, comparable website experiences and the business being represented. Time would be taken to understand and align expectations for graphics, scope, look-and-feel and functionality.

Information Architecture

A site map, written spec and set of wireframes would be developed to visualize and propose the project’s structure, functionality and flow. Unique page templates would be informed and web development services defined based on the functionality requested and content involved. Any outbound providers or Software-as-a-Service providers would be identified at this point and an integration plan agreed upon through email or client conversations.

Web Design

Ponticlaro would design and present 1-3 concepts consisting of a primary page and a secondary page. 3 short rounds of revision will be allowed, based on your feedback. Once the website design direction is refined, our team would extend the design to the remaining unique page types and apply the design to the mobile and tablet experiences. These unique page templates would be used to create the front-end experience of the website. Several rounds of revision would be included in this web design process.

Front-end Web Development

Once a design direction has been approved, we would begin the front-end web development process. The unique pages would be coded into HTML templates and viewable as static pages. These templates would be hardened with testing on multiple browsers and platforms to ensure a consistent user experience according to industry compatibility standards. Our web development services companies are capable of achieving the consistency and clarity of our HTML templates.

Back-end Web Development Services

We recommend WordPress for the Content Management System. The organization’s chosen CMS would be programmed to dynamically generate the website experience. The goal of this stage is to establish a working version of the website. This involves integrating with any proposed outbound services such as analytics, email marketing, payment processors, and social media feeds.

Data-driven Testing and Auditing

A final check on multiple browsers and platforms would be completed to eliminate technical bugs, graphical errors, functional problems, and lackluster user experiences. Final copy editing would be provided by the client. A final punch list would be presented to Ponticlaro and fixes would be scheduled that are required for launch, as well as a punchlist for new issues discovered (or not considered within the current scope) that can be handled following launch.

Integrating with other Web Services

Websites aren’t islands, often they need to connect with other services. As your chosen web development services company, Ponticlaro’s team comes with a large library of production-tested code and experience with previously integrated online services. We don’t just understand the basics, or follow a youtube tutorial, we help you implement the best practices.

These website features can include forms which submit data to other services, analytics that track conversions and transactions, GDPR and privacy related popups and consent logging, and That’s why you need a website development services company that gets you up and running reliably with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Postmark, Zapier, serverless workflows, and more!

Website Launch

All critical punch list items would be resolved, final software source code would be deployed to the client’s hosting choice. Caching and Search Console submissions are then completed and the marketing team sends out the press release, email blast, and social media posts.

Ongoing Website Development Services, Management, and Maintenance

Sometimes the hardest part of managing a website is reacting to organizational changes in a growing market or shifts in the media your audience is paying attention to. To stay on top of this, we use an internal ticketing system to triage, prioritize, and keep track of all the moving pieces. Ponticlaro starts sprints each month, and document all completed tasks through this internal system.

Web Development Services Company for Teams and Agencies

We work across the entire stack and are perfect for organizations with strength in one area, such as design, but need assistance in a related area, like web development. Ponticlaro easily augments a team’s pre-existing web skills through training, code, and support. Clients benefit from our ability to train internal teams to create search friendly, well balanced, and authentic webpage content together.

Contact us if you want to build a Drupal or WordPress website, or if your current digital marketing needs a rethink.