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Your Trusted Web App Development Company

Ponticlaro helps organizations reach their audiences through custom web app development. Progressive web apps are only as successful as the web app development company and support teams that build and maintain them.

Milestone Insurance chose Ponticlaro to be their web app development company.

Web App Development Example

Milestone Insurance

Milestone Insurance approached Ponticlaro for web app development, design and build for their simplified life insurance for millennials product. Ponticlaro’s custom web app proved the market existed and enabled Milestone Insurance to build out an automated sales funnel of prospective leads. These leads helped grow the company’s bottom line after being integrated with content marketing campaigns, email lists, and Salesforce-like CRM databases.

LMU Bracket

Custom Web App Development Example

LMU Magazine, Campus Bracket

As part of a long-term consulting engagement, Ponticlaro worked together with LMU Magazine staff to craft a progressive web app. The custom web-based application asks alumni to rank their favorite campus features in a “March Madness” inspired bracket designed by Pentagram Design.

Ponticlaro used React, a contemporary JavaScript framework, and custom built REST API to launch LMU’s web app with the right balance of performance, high-end user experience, and production-worthy tech. When building out something that’s never been done before, its best to trust the progressive web app development experts at Ponticlaro.

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Tweet by @Sencha: Design agency @pentagramdesign linked up w/ @ponticlaro to create a gorgeous @Sench #Touch app for @Freescale

Ponticlaro builds reliable online services, automating complex organizational logic, as a leading web app development company in the USA.

Our unique flavor of agile software engineering advocates for adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement. Our process encourages rapid and flexible response to change. We specialize in 4 week sprints and rock solid deployment.

Getting started…

Your web app development would start with an initial kickoff meeting to discuss goals and the ways in which other organizations have met those goals. Time would be taken to understand and align expectations, look-and-feel, and functionality.

International Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and on-premise hybrid servers allow for different regions to be specified and connected with various services, so data is never exfiltrated, and can remain within country or regional borders for compliance with local laws. Ponticlaro has experience setting this up properly. Ponticlaro supports and provides the necessary documentation to certify compliance with your stated compliance needs.

USA Data and Accessibility Regulation Compliance

Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and on-premise hybrid servers have security protocols available that allow their services to be certified compliant with industry regulations such as HIPAA and FERPA. Many large-scale web apps require compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards, and Ponticlaro has helped companies like Michael Kors and Tulane University’s School of Architecture improve their accessibility. California has also recently signed into law new privacy requirements of consent for cookie-based tracking services, so many web app owners are not prepared for future domestic compliance.

More commonly, almost all ecommerce web services and online stores are recommended to be PCI Compliant. Ponticlaro supports and provides the necessary documentation to certify compliance annually with your stated compliance needs.