Fifth Wall

iPad App

iPad app exploring touch, sensor and gesture interactivity in contemporary performance and dance. Viewers can focus on a single dance, or move, sort, and re-frame the performance. 2012.

Credits: Abbott Miller (Partner), Eddie Opara (Partner), Ken Deegan (Design), Hunter Cross (iOS Development), Matej Bukovinski (iOS Development), Lance Clifton (Frontend Development), Jonah Bokaer (Choreography, Performance), Ben Louis Nicholas (Video Director), So Percussion (Music).

“What a great experiment: iPad-as-performance-platform. Bokaer’s droll, understated gravity-dance is a perfect fit for the iPad. This opens a new world of possibility for dance, theatre and visual arts online. I hope 2wice keeps it up on a regular basis.” – @CFRiverdog

Wall-breaking Moves, Fit for a Screen, Gia Kourlas, The New York Times, June 22, 2012.