Digital properties under management

We work with a select group of clients on a retained hourly basis. This provides strong alignment between outcomes and incentives for our team and our clients. Each digital property is a unique blend of people, content, and technology (in that order), so each client must be understood and supported in a specific to their need process.

Non-trivial software takes extensive planning to do well, so maintaining clear scheduling communication and reliable team availability is crucial for most businesses. Many websites must be updated to reflect real world events and synchronize with a larger corporate choreography.

In order to provide this sort of reliability, high quality communication, and flexibility across a complex software stack, Ponticlaro provides services through a digital property management retainer.

Companies retain us to provide additional support to multiple internal teams. Startups retain us to work on new product features, while their core team focuses on their existing product. Non-profit orgs retain us for training and ongoing support.

For example, a client retains 15 Ponticlaro days every month. This blended time across our full-stack team will be used to improve and maintain the client’s digital property on a rolling basis throughout the year. The simplicity of our model shines because it allows us to work with interesting clients of all different shapes and sizes. Instead of being forced to manage the complexity of an ever-evolving technology landscape, Ponticlaro’s clients focus on their yearly business schedule and how best to use the digital channels (web, email, social).

Ponticlaro works with innovative organizations investing in their customers’ digital experiences.

Yearly retainers save 10%.