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Google Analytics 4: Waiting Is No Longer an Option

Lee Goldberg, at Happy Cog:

Universal Analytics (which is now 10 years old!) is still reliant on cookies – and we know that, at some point next year, Google Chrome will no longer support the use of third-party cookies in the interest of preserving user privacy. GA4 is very much built for the future of the cookieless web, with an entirely different data model and structure relative to Universal Analytics. Because of the fundamentally different structure of GA4, implementation isn’t as simple as flipping a switch or running a migration assistant. In most cases, significant tagging work is going to need to be done to maintain parity with Universal Analytics. 

Ponticlaro is currently in the research phase regarding GA4, and will be converting all of its current O&M clients to Google Analytics 4 by March 2023. July will be here sooner than you think!

Oct 27, 2022 Data Google Privacy