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Entire Accessibility Team Let Go in Elon Musk's Twitter Purge

Gerard K. Cohen on Twitter:

I am officially no longer the Engineering Manager for the Accessibility Experience Team at Twitter. I have words. 🧵

When given the chance, Elon Musk immediately fired teams responsible for improving the differently abled and disabled access to the platform, the powerful, and the global conversation.

Musk fired the inventor of the alt tag…is there some universe where that person wouldn’t be more qualified to work at Twitter than Musk himself? Will Twitter become a service unusable by those who are reliant on screen reader technology and other accessibility affordances?

The tech press should be ashamed for any support they have given Musk if it means the blind and differently abled are “right-sized” from having an equal voice in our digital market squares and social networks.

Nov 6, 2022