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Meet the PHP web development company handcrafting the contemporary web.

Ponticlaro is the trusted PHP web development company responsible for 100+ PHP-based websites and web apps over 15+ years. Once you hire a PHP web developer like Ponticlaro, you will finally find the expert PHP web development services you have been searching for. Our enterprise support for web development PHP includes frameworks like Symfony, Slim, Laravel, CodeIgniter and content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Concrete.

PHP Web Development Example

Ruby City, Online Collection

Ruby City trusted Ponticlaro to design and develop the web interface to over 500 contemporary artworks collected by Ruby City, the newly launched contemporary art space built by the Linda Pace Foundation. Many of these works had never been shown online before.

Ponticlaro used PHP web development to extend the physical art space experience of this critically important contemporary art collection online. The final website interface provides a mobile-friendly image browser with magnification, video features, extensive search and filtering options, and a simplified next/previous navigation option through the entire collection.

Ponticlaro created an easy to use content management system that handles all image resizing and optimization. The works are searchable by artist name, title, and medium, and are categorized across several taxonomies and lists.

sketchbook open to wireframe page showing php web development services

PHP Web Development Services in 2022

Ponticlaro’s unique research and development model, prepares us to work on existing websites and green field projects. Often, the business concerns for a project’s success depends on the hired PHP web developer’s ability to migrate an existing and still operating website through a serious of transitions over time. Ponticlaro excels at rebuilding the ship of Theseus your organization is sailing on, plank by plank, line by line.

As we look into the future, web development in PHP will grow more concerned with security and data integrity, validation of auditable builds, Docker-based development environments, and corporate support of open source communities. PHP represents one of the strongest open source contributions to the world, and remains a clear choice for feast, secure and reliable web-based applications in 2022.

We like PHP’s flexibility and its bare metal performance. By hosting PHP in the cloud, our applications gain speed and performance yearly due to continuous, difficult work undertaken by the core team. And recent benchmarks show that PHP 8 will maintain its performance advantage, as larger parts of the cloud hosting market switch to ARM for its performance-per-watt characteristics, illustrated effectively by Apple’s switch to ARM chips in its laptops and desktops.

Ponticlaro believes climate change is real and that humans are responsible for it, and all technology must reckon with reducing its carbon footprint. Ponticlaro is a PHP web developer because open source Linux-based web servers and apps written in PHP provide an efficient and reliable platform for your business and your organization’s future.