Sup­port­ed online ser­vices, plat­forms, and apps

Google Cloud— Fastest and best val­ue of cloud hosts. Eas­i­ly man­age your web­site using your exist­ing Google Apps accounts. Eas­i­ly han­dle web traf­fic spikes. World-class net­work­ing. Infi­nite file stor­age with easy back­ups. Main­tain the entire con­tin­u­ous deploy­ment infra­struc­ture inside a sin­gle Google Cloud project includ­ing: git repo, dock­er con­tain­er build­ing, cloud serv­er tem­plates, envi­ron­ment tem­plates, DNS, MySQL data­bas­es, file stor­age, and Stack­driv­er logs.

Exam­ple: Health­care Real­ty

Word­Press— Word­Press runs over a quar­ter of the world’s web­sites and makes it easy to man­age all of your con­tent, videos, and forms. Eas­i­ly add com­plex search engine opti­miza­tion and audi­ence ana­lyt­ics tech­niques. Main­tain a press release archive and job list­ings. Show a selec­tion of projects or portfolio.Maintain a blog. Cus­tomize your site nav­i­ga­tion. Sched­ule and draft social media posts. Set­up con­tent approval work­flows.

Exam­ple: The Con­tem­po­rary Austin

Salesforce Integration

Sales­force— Sync leads, orders, cam­paigns, adver­tis­ing, and ana­lyt­ics between your web­site and Sales­force. Man­age job appli­ca­tions through your web­site. Gath­er file uploads in Sales­force with­out impact­ing expen­sive space lim­its. Con­nect forms direct­ly to inter­nal objects. Get the full pic­ture about your audi­ence and how they are inter­act­ing with your web­site.

Exam­ple: Ring­wraps

Google Ana­lyt­ics— Dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing is so effec­tive because of the ana­lyt­ics your web­site is able to gen­er­ate. Track audi­ence through sales fun­nels and email mar­ket­ing. Opti­mize for con­ver­sions and AdWords spend­ing.

Exam­ple: Laser & Elec­trol­y­sis Stu­dio

Woocom­merce — Cus­tomize your shop expe­ri­ence. Inte­grate your online store with any of the major ship­ping, ful­fill­ment, and pay­ment pro­cess­ing ser­vices. Man­age your online and in-per­son orders with coupons, cus­tom prod­uct attrib­ut­es, stock track­ing, and ver­i­fied-address ship­ment esti­mates.

Exam­ple: The Con­tem­po­rary Austin

Shipstation Integration

Ship­sta­tion— Eas­i­ly man­age your order ful­fill­ment by automat­ing and sync­ing cus­tomer and order infor­ma­tion from your web­site. Gen­er­ate track­ing num­bers and pay for ship­ping with ease. As orders are deliv­ered see real-time cus­tomer noti­fi­ca­tions get sent with­out your team hav­ing to do any­thing.

Exam­ple: Rupert Neve Designs