Supported online services, platforms, and apps

Google Cloud— Fastest and best value of cloud hosts. Easily manage your website using your existing Google Apps accounts. Easily handle web traffic spikes. World-class networking. Infinite file storage with easy backups. Maintain the entire continuous deployment infrastructure inside a single Google Cloud project including: git repo, docker container building, cloud server templates, environment templates, DNS, MySQL databases, file storage, and Stackdriver logs.

Example: Healthcare Realty

WordPress— WordPress runs over a quarter of the world’s websites and makes it easy to manage all of your content, videos, and forms. Easily add complex search engine optimization and audience analytics techniques. Maintain a press release archive and job listings. Show a selection of projects or portfolio.Maintain a blog. Customize your site navigation. Schedule and draft social media posts. Setup content approval workflows.

Example: The Contemporary Austin

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce— Sync leads, orders, campaigns, advertising, and analytics between your website and Salesforce. Manage job applications through your website. Gather file uploads in Salesforce without impacting expensive space limits. Connect forms directly to internal objects. Get the full picture about your audience and how they are interacting with your website.

Example: Ringwraps

Google Analytics— Digital marketing is so effective because of the analytics your website is able to generate. Track audience through sales funnels and email marketing. Optimize for conversions and AdWords spending.

Example: Laser & Electrolysis Studio

Woocommerce — Customize your shop experience. Integrate your online store with any of the major shipping, fulfillment, and payment processing services. Manage your online and in-person orders with coupons, custom product attributes, stock tracking, and verified-address shipment estimates.

Example: The Contemporary Austin

Shipstation Integration

Shipstation— Easily manage your order fulfillment by automating and syncing customer and order information from your website. Generate tracking numbers and pay for shipping with ease. As orders are delivered see real-time customer notifications get sent without your team having to do anything.

Example: Rupert Neve Designs