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Custom WordPress Development

Ponticlaro excels at custom WordPress website development, crafting feature-rich WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. Choose Ponticlaro to be your trusted custom WordPress development company. We help marketing teams, small businesses, and enterprises get the most out of WordPress when combined with our custom WordPress development services.

We work across the entire stack, from the front-end to the back-end, so all of the features essential to your goals are launched on-time and to your spec.

Ponticlaro develops with a unique mix of open source plugins, front-end frameworks, and content strategies packaged up into a contemporary content block editor experience that makes building out websites easy and reliable.

Whether you decide to take advantage of our custom WordPress distribution built for performance and SEO, or engage us as WordPress developers for an existing website modernization effort, we work with your teams and within your enterprise environment, VPN, and project management protocols.

We are comfortable deploying code at all levels of complexity and scale.

screenshot of WordPress admin in Boston University's custom WordPress development project

Enterprise WordPress Development Example

Boston University, Information Services & Technology

Boston University has a very large WordPress MultiUser presence, and relies on its website to meet the needs of 30,000+ students and 10,000+ employees. Boston University worked with Ponticlaro on a custom WordPress development project for launching new blogs on-demand as an extension of their university-wide theme framework.

The Boston University Flexi Theme and Blog-Init Project includes PHP code, custom plugin functionality for front-end customizations, tests and automation tools.

Ponticlaro worked extensively with Boston University’s IS&T team to develop new automation code, image generation scripts, custom theme and custom post type functionality, and hours of testing Ponticlaro’s integration with their enterprise VPN-based development environment and automated deployment workflow.

screenshot of Boston University Student Center website

I’d like you to add all the Flexi theme variations to the blog init tool that’s currently undergoing QA.  These have all been deployed to production and are widely available.  So when I select Flexi while creating a new blog, I should see 6 options for Flexi:

*   Flexi Top Floor
*   Flexi Kenmore
*   Flexi Basic
*   Flexi Cobalt
*   Flexi Dark (new)
*   Flexi Comm. Ave. (new)

— Ron Yeany, Web Manager, Information Services & Technology, Boston University

The new blog init is long overdue and I’m happy to have it out.  I think you did a great job with it.  I love the UI.

— Mark Slade, Web Developer, Information Services & Technology, Boston University

Screenshot of WordPress website's certification page with quote "Guapiles? Jakarta? Thunderbay? We're There.

Custom WordPress Development Services

Airforce Turbine Service

Airforce Turbine Service sells jet engines and aircraft maintenance services to aerospace companies in Latin America and across the world. ATS made the right choice when choosing Ponticlaro as their custom WordPress development company, responsible for completing their complex multilingual WordPress website remodel, which handles all of their online marketing, demand generation, and sales enablement.

Ponticlaro designed a responsive and clean front-end and then integrated it into a custom WordPress theme, with custom WordPress post types and plugins. Ponticlaro integrated all of the search-friendly content with the WPML plugin, the standard-bearer for multilingual websites. With all of that code working together, the business was able to streamline all of its turbine stock tracking and intranet software into a streamlined and secure WordPress frontline business app.

Using custom WordPress development to sell turbines online